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We use premium full spectrum USA grown CBD oil, offering the complete range of cannabionoids to enable to enable the entourage effect, filtered to zero THC
   Relief (Tincture)   $ 74.50  +S&H            Relief  (Topical)   $ 45.00  +S&H
     Helping to deal with pain and Inflammation
Suitable for those looking for a natural         Topical gel applied locally to areas that 
way to tackle pain and discomfort, Relief      are experiencing pain and discomfort.
can help them to live more active lives.        The gel also contains organic Aarnica and
-CBD 750mg 30ml/ 1oz                                 Aloe Vera.
-Terpene profile Eucalyptol 42%                   -CBD 200mg 45ml / oz.
  Humulene52% Gamma Terpinene  6%      - Essential oil profile Hawaii grown 
                                                                        Lemongrass 78% and Eucalyptus 22%

Relax (Tincture) $ 74.50   +S&H               Focus (Tincture)  $ 74.50  +S&H
Helping you rest, recover and sleep        Helping you stay Sharp and alert
-Useful to those who suffer from stress and   -Useful to those looking to improve their
  anxiety and for those who struggle to fail       concentration, or to raise their energy
  or stay asleep, helping them unwind and       levels without relying on caffeine or sugar.
  rest.                                                               -CBD 750mg  30m;/1oz.
- CBD 750mg  30m;/1oz.                                 -Terpene profile  Alpha Pinene  14% 
-Terpene profile Linalool 58% Myrcene 2%       Beta Pinene 43% Limonene 43%
 Terpinolene 214%
Active (Tincture)     $ 74.50  +S&H
Helping you exercise and control your appetite
-Helps with energy and contains mild natural
  appetite suppressant terpene . Active useful 
  to those trying to get fit or stay healthy.
-CBD 750mg 30ml/1oz.
-Terpene profile Delta3 Carene 15% Humulene
  15%  Limonene 70%                                           
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