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Hello my dear friends, I've been so busy lately but I come today to share something that I think will be interesting for the massage lovers.

Deep Tissue Massage: It is a massage therapy that focuses on  realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It helps for chronic aches and pains especially in  contracted areas such as neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, legs etc.

Must people believe that deep tissue is painful but some times is not, you can have some discomfort or pain depending of the type of injury or issue. Others (Clients or Patients) ask for more and more pressure, they think more pressure and more pain is better, but it's not, the therapist need to apply the exact amount of pressure to release the muscle and knots, excessive pressure works opposite, the propiceptors send a guard sign to your brain that makes your muscle to contract more,  instead of release.

Some patients/clients think the therapist is not good enough if they do not feel a lot of pain, BIG MISTAKE,  the principle of the massage is to aliviate, to release, to relax NO TO CAUSE MORE PAIN.

See you soon

Maui Massage & Wellness


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